Saturday, November 29, 2008


We had a very nice Thanksgiving here in Sammamish. Only Michelle was able to come home, but we are glad both the Boden's and Richardson's were with family and friends for the holiday. It would have been nice if you all could have come here, but that isn't always possible.

We had fun with Michelle and the holiday. On Thursday Michelle and I went to the ward Turkey Bowl flag football game. She was the only girl but held her own. I had fun and am still a little sore. Friday we road bikes in the rain (after Mom and Michelle hit a couple of stores...but not too early). And today (Saturday) Mom and Michelle went with Joan, Michaella, Alisha and Lauren went to a beauty college and had facials. They seemed to enjoy it, but did not provide pictures. I guess it is just as well, they did not get cucumber slices on the eyes anyway.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Grandpa Treasure's 80 birthday suprise

Grandpa and Grandma Treasure at the suprise 80th birthday party for Grandpa.

All 6 of the kids were able to be at the suprise birthday party. We are all getting old.

There were over 70 people at the reception / birthday party for Grandpa. Afterwards 26 family members went to dinner at a local diner. This picture is of the Treasure kids and cousins from Idaho and Iowa.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

1st Time

We are joining the blogging world. Between sessions of General Conference we checked the blogs of each of our girls. It is so fun to see pictures and read accounts of such recent events...some things we would not know about since they may not be discussed during a phone call. And it is cool to read Michelle's poems (or sonnets). She obviously is very talented or has too much time on her hands.

As for us, we are not nearly so exciting. Yesterday the weather was quite windy and we had a tree from the green belt area behind the house fall down. It is across the yard and wiped out our tomato plants (and there were still a few fruits on the vines). But it did not hit the deck. Now I really have an excuse to buy a chainsaw and play lumberjack.